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Slimming Down, Really with doTERRA Slim & Sassy

I, like many people on this earth, have struggled with weight issues for most of my life. I was “chubby” as a kid to the age of 15. At age 15 to 20, I had lost weight because I was a very active teenager. At 21, I became a Dad and fell into a routine of work, eat, sleep, repeat, and the weight slowly returned…and stayed. I tried everything from cutting carbs to purchasing programs of ready-to-eat meals. These would work to an extent, but were never permanent, and I never actually reached my goal weight. Sound familiar? This is the cycle, yea the trap that many of us fall into. Now in my 50’s, losing weight is harder than it has ever been, but I have found out that the battle of the bulge can be won even by a youthful middle-ager like myself. I eventually reached my peak weight of 245. Small by some standards, but overweight enough to cause me to suffer all of the harmful side effects of obesity. My heart, blood pressure, and blood sugar were affected. I felt the effect of carrying that extra weight with every step I took. My joints hurt all the time and my leg muscles would cramp at night. Then came the mini-stroke. The day my left side went numb, and my speech slurred was a life changer. The episode lasted about an hour. I was terrified. I had to change, and right then. I knew that day that all the prescription medications on earth would not save me if I didn’t change myself and try to live a healthier lifestyle. In fact, I was convinced that prescriptions were not the answer at all, I needed a clear path to real health, and real health does not come in a pill bottle.

 The fact is that nature provides health.

 That statement just occurred to me, but it is pretty profound. From early paleo-man to this day, nature has always provided the basic needs of mankind, the problem is that mankind has never accepted nature as being enough. We are driven to expand on the basics and never consider when enough is enough. This drive ends up expanding our bellies because we have found ways to create (and therefore consume) in excess of what we need. I don’t believe that mankind’s ability to create in excess of the necessary is all bad, but the consumption of that excess can be detrimental to our health if we lose control over it. Every single time Lucinda and I go grocery shopping we end up going through a process we call “streamlining”. We fill our cart with necessities and then we go beyond the necessary. In the end, we always streamline our cart by putting back the unnecessary. So we put back the ice cream and say to ourselves we just removed X dollars from our cart so now we can spend those dollars on swapping the fruit we have for the more expensive organic fruit. It’s a constant weighing and reweighing of priorities. We try very hard to stay with “needs” and streamline “wants”, not because of the financial costs so much as the health cost. We can afford to purchase excess, but can we really afford to consume it? It all comes around to our slogan: Health is Wealth.

 The nuts and bolts of real, sustainable weight loss.

 Streamlining consumables at the store also adds to our monthly order of essential oils. Essential oils are the one thing we can consume in excess because they are natural and healthy. Essential oils are the immune system of plants. doTERRA has created a combination of oils blended into their Slim and Sassy products that help us control our human drive to overconsume. Slim and Sassy contains the essential oils of Grapefruit Peel for cleansing and detoxifying, Lemon Peel which acts as a natural cleanser and aids digestion, Peppermint Plant which helps manage hunger cravings, Ginger Root which helps support digestion, and Cinnamon Bark to support healthy metabolic function. These oils are also mood enhancing and give you energy. You actually feel your metabolism kick in so any exercise you can do is more effective. There are no jitters, no calories, and it is not a diuretic. The only side effect is increased libido, which comes in handy as you get slimmer and feel better about yourself. The Slim and Sassy Trim Shake is high in fiber, filling and delicious. I was able to lose 35 pounds and increase my exercise level using Slim and Sassy. The full circle of lifestyle change comes from using Life Long Vitality vitamins and supplements along with other essential oils as a very real and genuine lifestyle change.  

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