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The Cycle Of Life

In this life we live, all things happen in cycles. All that we choose to do affects every other part of our lives in some way whether small or large. How I will feel tomorrow is largely dependent on what I choose to do tonight. We all know this to be true, but we often make the wrong choice anyway. If you have never asked yourself “Why did I do that?” you are a rare person indeed. We all make poor decisions on occasion even though we know full well the price we will have to pay. We do this because we are driven by desire and that which we desire most takes precedent no matter the cost.

 The good news is that sometimes we; in all our fallacy, do occasionally make good decisions and reap rewards.

 It is a fact and well recorded that we reap what we sow. Whether we call it Karma, Kismet, or Divine Intervention, there are always consequences for our actions, the trick is to steer the universe in the direction of rewarding you rather than beating you down.

“I’ve been good, so why is my life so bad?”

 We all go through tough times, no matter how good we are. Bad things do happen to good people. It seems so wrong, such injustice makes no sense.

 I believe we have to consider that if we can deal with some negative things, we will gain a greater understanding of our own purpose. These are the things that are not your fault, these are fate. Fate is all the more reason to sow well, because the harvest will be reaped. If fate strikes you harder than what you feel you can handle, remember this, hold on to the knowledge that you do not deserve this trial. This, too shall pass. Stand strong, love big and share. The cycle continues to turn no matter how we react. It is always best to show fate who is boss and pull ourselves up, get to work and start winning.


 Does this apply to any part of your life? Think about it. I listen to my own advice when I consider my wife, family, friends, work, diet, sleep, home, automobile, the homeless man at the intersection, the widow across the street, and the billions of people on this earth who need a little help from time to time. There is never a shortage of ways to do good, to sow good seed.

Teach a Man to Fish

 “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” I would have written that if someone hadn’t beaten me to it because it is so true. It is reality. It doesn’t condemn giving, it suggests giving, but offers an alternative for when helping isn’t helping. It suggests offering a trade, a skillset so that one can become self-supportive. So when one commits to going out and doing good, what is the best good you can do? The answer is obvious: teach people to fish. Of course fishing is symbolic of teaching a trade.

How it’s Done

 How? How can I do this? I’m just a regular guy. I’m just trying to make my own way. I’m out there busting my butt to put food on my own table. There is in no way enough time for me to get into teaching someone else to do what I am barely able to do for myself, and if I am barely able to do it for myself, am I really the best teacher?

 Step one is to adopt a new mindset. If these questions rule your mindset, the answers will always be negative. Rather than “How can I do this?” consider asking “How can I get to a place where I can do this?”  When you reframe the question this way, something incredible happens. Your goal changes, thus the mindset to reach that goal changes. Your entire consideration for measuring success changes. I know this because I’ve experienced it. I have learned that setting the goal to provide for myself and those under my own roof is noble, but very limiting. If I set the goal to help whoever responds and teach them to be self-supportive, the universe lines up behind me and opens curtains that I could never see beyond.

Real Reward

 Something unexpected has taken place for Lucinda and I. We have been entrepreneurs for a long time with the goal of making money. When we became successful direct marketers, our goal changed to helping others learn the modern skills to being successful direct marketers. We are saddened that every person on earth does not pursue this goal, but we understand that they are stuck in “just earn a living” mode. For many, that is enough and that’s ok. If you are curious, however about finding your higher purpose, maybe direct marketing is the vehicle to take you there.

 Our greatest reward is when we are able to connect with that one person out there and change their life. We get to connect with people every day whom we have never met, have never even seen for that matter, and show them a path they never discovered. We get to open that curtain of the universe to shine a new light of possibility for perfect and total strangers. Almost magically, complete strangers become contacts, then friends, because we share a common goal: to make you successful.  This is in both of our interests because our own financial success depends on your financial success. Our collective financial success becomes a bi-product of our friendship, and vice-versa, and the cycles of our lives combine to form a synergy of success. All we ask for is chance to invite you into our cycle of life and an opportunity to become friends and colleagues.

 As Lucinda and always say on our videos on Essential Oils Guru on Facebook, we encourage our audience to start using essential oils as soon as possible, because your body craves them and the sooner you try essential oils, the sooner you will understand what that means. In that same spirit, the sooner you connect with us, the sooner you will understand the meaning of the theme of this publication.

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